Gazebo 2071 by za bor architects

The gazebo is divided in two parts, located in different levels, emphasizing the change of relief on the site. In the upper part, located closer to the house, there is a «zone of food»: a large kitchen with a spacious counter equipped with a sink and a barbecue, and a dining area with a light table for 12 persons. In the lower part there is a sitting area with mobile upholstered furniture (armchairs-bags and puffs).
Despite the apparent ease, the design is strong, made for long-term usage. The foundation is pile, with a cast iron-concrete slab, and a metal frame with a precast roof. The most difficult part of the project was decorative metal – all complex junctions with glass and additional illumination along the perimeter were developed originally for the project. The walls of the gazebo are made of glass, and covered with matting film. Complex geometric elements are made of specially painted metal sheet.