Feeel Design

A history of functionality, beauty and emotion
expressed through unique products

Feeel design is a manufactory that gradually implements a challenging task – to create unique design products and small series for a wide variety of interiors in classic materials. Specializing primarily in metal, glass, wood, and experimenting with them, Feeel design, together with partners, introduces artisan ideas and craftsmanship into its production methods, which leads to completely unique results and maximizes the material beauty. Our approach is based on respect for its potential, be it hidden or obvious. Every time we create an individual item or a collection, we create objects based on thoughtful and technological engineering solutions, but even the objects that have become part of the series remain unique due to the smallest differences – the imprints of hand labor and special characteristics of natural materials.

Exclusive design:
aesthetics of «imperfection» in every piece

In every ancient Greek sculpture and architectural monument, there was actually a minor mistake or subtle flaw, admitted by the master «not to offend the gods» (as only gods can generate perfection equal to themselves). And that is what we do. Of course, we do not make mistakes, and we use the latest equipment, but anyway, every object we work with, even if we reproduce it many times becomes a creative act that absorbs the experience of our artisans and engineers who have gotten very good at it and of course the features of the material from which it is made. We create products where natural materials are not only a part of decoration and accessories, but a whole product – furniture, architecture, complex decor. We work with an infinite number of product options that will make the interior unique – in fact it is limited only by the designer’s imagination.

Art & Craft traditions for awesome projects

Feeel design, being a Canadian company, is proud of the fact that our country has preserved craft traditions and unique knowledge of working with natural materials, transmitted and improved by generations of artisans. We always remember that it is the hands of craftsmen and special material that are able to breathe into the product its unique cultural basis. So we focus on the aesthetic (and not only practical) value of the product, which helps our designers to make their objects and interiors not only attractive, but also timeless and multi-layered.

All our partners are your partners

We help interior designers and other artisans in their search for unique solutions that take their work to a whole new level of complexity, aesthetics and reliability. Feeel design welcomes designers and artists who are looking for a product which will make their projects and interiors perfect.

We also welcome major projects – our main partner is MNR Custom Metal Inc. – a leader in large-scale Custom Metal Fabrication which works for clients such as:

  • Holt Renfrew, Bank of Canada, AC Hotel New York,
  • Rec Room Square One, Ritz Carlton New York,
  • Hotel and Museum at the JFK Airport Terminal, designed by Eero Saarinen, New York

Our special partner in the field of interior design and architecture is internationally renowned za bor architects studio, which is a constant innovator in the field of contemporary interior design and architecture for almost twenty years. The company’s clients are: Castrol, Novotel, Badoo, Yandex and other large companies. Feeel design is the North American representative of the studio, with unlimited access to za bor architects’ design and creative resources.

Such cooperation allows us to solve the most unusual creative problems in the course of large-scale projects. This applies to both residential and office, commercial and public spaces.

Natural choice for custom projects 

Our specialization in the production of piece items from natural materials, the experience of our production partners and the partner studio of interior design and architecture are completely at your service. We’re ready to face non-routine tasks, so If you were refused somewhere and said «it’s too expensive», «difficult» or «impossible» do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to create unique projects of the highest quality and at a reasonable price together with you and for you.