With Feeel design you can do almost any kind of project.

We use high-quality, renewable materials: metal, wood, glass – just set a task and we will solve it in the most effective and efficient way with the help of our own facilities and contractors.

These are our main priorities, but if you have a special request, feel free to send it for preliminary calculations and discussion.

  • Interior and architectural custom products, decorative elements, pieces of furniture, including ones produced from metal, stone, glass, and wood
  • Custom finishes: artistic aging, oxidation, patina, tarnishing, rust and many others.
  • Interior sculpture
  • Architecture

Most of our products can be delivered worldwide. Even with air delivery, our items are often cheaper and incomparably higher in quality than locally made products. We work with Canadian artisans, and many of them have been working with natural materials for several generations.

So give us your project – and we will talk things through.